Best Thumbnail Size for YouTube in this current Year

As we know a Ratio of  16:09 is ideal for long back for both player and Preview. If you not getting proper view on your youtube Video optimize it with Dimension as per below

WIDE :  1280 Pixels
TALL :   720  Pixels

Thumbnail Image also most important same like title to get more and viral click on you video 

Here will explain everything about thumbnail to get more click on you video and get viral in 2023 by using best youtube thumbnail in 2023

1- What is Best you tube thumbnail size in 2023

Let think first what google Own recommended on it your image should be 1280X720

WIDE :  1280 Pixels
TALL :   720  Pixels

Here will give you some important tips 
1- Your Image should be in JPG Format
2- Your Image Size should be under 2MB (Don't increase Size)  

How to Make YouTube Thumbnail

As most of us don't have much knowledge about adobe and Photo shop if you have you can go ahead and create it on it either Photoshop or Coral Draw as well.

for those who don't have much knowledge about this they can try below tool to create most attractive YouTube thumbnail in 2023

and many more also available but above two Canva and Pixlr are best and easy to use also its free to create thumbnail canva have pro version to but free version also enough to create best thumbnail for YouTube.

1- Canva

Using canva you can create best world class thumbnail for youtube video there is lot more template available you just need to click click and done its so simple to create best thumbnail for youtube 

2- Pixlr

Its also best tool to create thumbnail for YouTube video, please note creating a best class thumbnail and spending some more time to create thumbnail is best for you , so still if you spending some more time to create thumbnail its worth for long time.
so always try to create best thumbnail as much best can creative you can.